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The Inner Voyager

Change Management and Process Improvement
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2 years ago
In the first conversation I had with Matthew I learned what Inner Voyaging was, I was so intrigued given my 35+ years of leading and coaching others, I’ve never heard of anything like this before. This is beyond coaching, beyond leadership, beyond personal growth and change management. This is truly a new way of creating success, and this IS the future. Matthew creates an experience that helps his clients understand themselves more deeply, why we think, feel and act the way we do. And by this, we become more aware and can attract greater success to us. It’s actually quite simple. There’s a very strong reason why the Inner Voyager is here at this point in time, it’s time to start living the next level of your life. If you have not yet experienced Inner Voyaging, I highly recommend you schedule a consultation with Matthew now.
- Russ V
2 years ago
I've had the opportunity to engage with Matthew and The Inner Voyager in several contexts and one thing is certain -- Matthew is a man who has done his work and is continuing to do his work. So often coaches come to the table with ideas and solutions without having done their own messy work, and Matthew is one of the rare courageous coaches who's allowed himself to be vulnerable enough to get messy in order to take his own healing journey. This plus his own unique coaching gifts is what Matthew brings to everyone he works with. If you want to dance around the edges of change and healing, then find another coach. If instead you're fully ready to dive into the deep end of change and transformation, then you've found a great sherpa in Matthew to walk with you on your journey.
- Jeff N
2 years ago
The Inner Voyager methods are the future. These are out of the box and transcendent through very pragmatic and performance/result driven. This is something that MUST be experienced. It is hard to put into words how he does what he does but the bottom line is, YOUR LIFE WILL BE MASSIVELY CHANGED FOR BETTER by working with him. Matthew knows his value and there is something to be said about that. His depth at which he operates with the leadership background he has in commanding crews on ships around the world coupled with his self awareness and spiritual nature is powerful to say the least; though in the most understanding and empathetic way. You really get the sense he understands exactly where you are, where you have been, where you want to go and what you want to achieve…and then he takes you there! These methods are unorthodox and unique, unlike any coach, mentor or consultant I have ever met. The Inner Voyager is a new way of being and IS CHANGING THE WORLD. This is truly an I...
- Melanie H

Thrive in Uncertainty™

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Change is ever-increasing in velocity. The faster change happens, the more uncertain the future becomes. 

The Inner Voyager believes in evolving people because they define future organizational success. 

Through Executive Leadership, certified Change Management credentials, and Process Improvement methodologies, we use a bespoke approach to help people increase the velocity of value creation and optimize flow; eliminating waste in the organization's performance.

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